7 Tips How to Buy Original Drug Not Fake

  1. The first marker is too low a price. It is a reason to beware. Ask yourself, how did the manufacturer lower the price? Is it due to your health? If you doubt about the quality of the drug for such a low price, better not buy it.
  2. Do not buy drugs from strangers, by hand, by advertisement. If for some reason the pharmacy seems suspicious to you, it is better to find another one. Especially often they sell counterfeit suspicious drugstores. The number of fakes reaches 50%.
  3. Pay attention to packaging! A damaged box, a greased seal, a loose leaf, or a loose leaf written not like a factory one. All these are signs of a fake product. Check that the packaging is complete with a clearly stated shelf life and serial number. Serial numbers on the primary and secondary (internal) packaging of the goods must match. The absence of it can also signal that you buy fake.
  4. If you have any doubts about the quality of the goods, ask the pharmacist for a certificate of conformity. A pharmacy works by law, should have certificates. If your request is denied, most likely, the purchase of the medicine was made from unscrupulous distributors.
  5. Before taking a pill, see if it crumbles with a slight pressure into the powder, if there are particles of a different color or texture in it. Soluble tablets should turn into a homogeneous suspension in a minute. Check the preparations for smell, it should not be sharply unpleasant. Keep in mind the past experience and compare whether this product match the previous one.
  6. The medications is the USA are controlled by the FDA. Here, by the name and serial number, you can determine whether the drug is a fake. The registry is updated daily.
  7. Information on identified counterfeit or substandard medicines is regularly posted on the website of the Food and Drug Administration.
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