About Us

We are a new, young, forward-thinking team of My Canadian Pharmacy. We start working in 2018. All our aims are devoted to achieving the social status of a reliable Canadian Pharmacy offering prescription and non-prescription generics from India. We offer rather cheap generic medications produced by certified and authoritative Indian manufacturers.

Our strategic plan

Our Strategic Planning & Initiatives team have worked out a strategic plan. Due to this plan, we have made our Canadian online pharmacy the best one in the pharmaceutical business.

The beginning of 2018: the year of our creation. We have gathered a team of professionals in different innovative spheres: pharmaceutical, medical, business. They are all young and prosperous with breakthrough ideas.

The end of 2018: we have gained accreditation of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. It helps us promote generic medications we sell. We strive to make treatment affordable for all classes of society.

The beginning of 2019: we have established relations with international companies carrying out a worldwide delivery of Canadian Pharmacy medications.

The end of 2019: we plan to expand the destinations of our delivery options. We strive to reduce the delivery expenses to the remote distances.

The beginning of 2020: we have plans to enrich our assortment up to 50 000 items. The number of drug categories is also planned to be replenished.

The end of 2020: we will try to offer our customers much cheaper generic medications. The number of free sample pills will be increased, as well.

According to our strategic plan, we will increase the number of customers making use of our online service. We strive to improve the service we have at the moment up to the most convenient among online pharmacies not only from Canada.

Do you need a prescription to buy from Canadian Pharmacy?

All the medications in our assortment are divided into prescription and non-prescription drugs. If you buy a drug sold with a prescription like antibiotics, cancer or erectile dysfunction drugs you are ought to send us a private prescription via email.

If you choose the preparation sold without a prescription you are welcome to arrange an order free. But, even if your drug is over-the-counter you’d better visit a physician. He will prescribe therapy for you with medications which you may buy online at Canada Pharmacy.

Top 5 Facts about our Canadian Pharmacy

  • We serve over 50.000 customers bringing more than 100.000 parcels.
  • We sell over 1000 prescription and non-prescription drugs for the treatment of different diagnosis.
  • We offer our customers Canadian prescription drugs with an 85% discount.
  • We have gained a5-star rating and reviews from our customers after they have been delivered high-quality generic medications.
  • We have offered international delivery for even the most remote distances.

Our staff

Jennifer NorrisFounder: Jennifer Norris

Jennifer Norris was born in Connecticut, USA. She is 35 years old. Her husband and she decided to organize a kind of online store where people will be able to buy generic medications produced by Indian companies. As a result, her business knowledge helps her realize this plan. Her husband – Jack Norris – has a pharmaceutical education. This combination contributes to the appearance of Canadian Pharmacy in 2018.

Founder and head pharmacist: Jack NorrisJack Norris

Jack has graduated from the Medical School where he got a pharmaceutical specialization. He established a relationship with Indian manufacturers. Being a young and forward-thinking specialist, he decided to assemble a group of analytics to create a strategic plan. Their ideas start bringing the profit within several months already.

Courtney LanePharmacist: Courtney Lane

Courtney is an experienced pharmacist as she starts working from 16 years of age. His father was a founder of a conventional drugstore. This was the very first place where Courtney started gaining experience. Then, she finished the Medical School in Texas. When she found an appointment to start working in this Canadian Pharmacy she was glad to realize her plans. At the moment, she has gained experience to be engaged in online service selling generic medications.

Customer support operator: Liam ThomasLiam

Liam is a computer whiz. He processes the inquiries of our customers. He gets relative answers to their questions. You may be sure your inquiries will be processed in the shortest possible time. Liam was born in Texas. He is fond of computer and IT technologist. He is an integral part of our online service.