Customer Care Policy

My Canadian Pharmacy guarantees its customers receive the best possible service. Below you can read the ways we manage to provide high-quality customer care.

Cheapest product guarantee

Probably every person looks for lower prices, especially for drugs. We guarantee our customers the most favorable prices. The main distinguishing feature of My Canadian Pharmacy is the prices available to everyone. Even if the buyer needs some rare, expensive drug, he or she can find it in our online store at a very reasonable price. Besides, we can always offer you a cheaper analog or a substitute drug if you cannot afford the original expensive drug the doctor prescribed you.

Drug assortment

Canadian Pharmacy offers a huge variety of original and generic prescription drugs. We also have a large selection of over-the-counter products. We guarantee that you can find everything you need on our website.

Exceptional customer service

We always remain the main partner for our customers. This is our basic idea and philosophy, as well as our understanding of what customer service should be. We are fully responsible for the quality of our products. Our team at any time will give you the necessary advice and support – we have been working for our customers!

Safety of personal data

We take all appropriate measures to guarantee the security of the personal data of the buyer, including their loss, disclosure, unauthorized access to third-party resources or individuals, as well as misuse and alteration. Canadian Pharmacy guarantees the safety of your personal data.

Drug quality control

Today, we have achieved significant results in the field of standardization of processes, their regulation and control, ranging from identifying market needs to obtaining feedback from consumers after making a purchase.

We have implemented a Quality Management System, developed for identifying low-quality products and regulating all processes. Our clients are insured against receiving poor-quality products since control is carried out at all stages. If the slightest doubt appears, the goods are sent to the quarantine zone until the circumstances are clarified. By the way, for all these years, My Canadian Pharmacy has never supplied falsified drugs.

In addition to internal control, careful selection of suppliers is important. We work only with trusted and reputable partners who have proven their reliability through many years of cooperation.