My Canadian Pharmacy App

rx bannerIf you visit offline pharmacies, you probably see long lines, a long selection of goods and high prices. Book medical products in advance, store your purchase history and choose drugs from promotional offers — so My Canadian Pharmacy customers will be able to use the pharmacy app.

Goals and objectives of online pharmacy app

When credting the app, two main goals were set:

  • product sales growth;
  • increase customer loyalty.

Meds app has offered our clients a convenient service and a solution to their problems:

  • save time when searching for the right medicine in pharmacies;
  • register and place the first order if it is a new user;
  • repeat the purchase if the customer is already familiar with the service;
  • clarify the status of the order in processing;
  • find out the working hours and location of the pharmacy you need.

Product search

The product search window is fixed at the top of the screen and does not hide when scrolling. A quick search allows you to find a medicine in a couple of clicks and check its availability at the pharmacy website. A lot depends on the speed of information output at this stage. A couple of extra seconds is enough for the user to get tired of waiting and go to another resource. That’s why My Canadian Pharmacy App is working fast to meet customers’ needs.Popularity of Mobile Apps

Functionality of pharmacy discount app

Analyzing the needs of pharmacy customers and building possible scenarios of interaction between the user and the mobile application, it was identified functional blocks:

  • A catalog of products with the ability to book, deliver and pick up the goods at the pharmacy. The client will be able to independently study the assortment, prices and make a shopping cart of necessary goods in a comfortable environment without wasting time in lines. If the desired product is not available, the client monitors its receipt to the pharmacy from the personal account in the application by clicking the “Subscribe” button. Among the sending channels are social networks, e—mail or private messages. The interlocutor will see the product in the assortment on the pharmacy chain’s website, which will allow you to share goods with those who do not use the application.
  • Promotions and discounts — the client learns about current promotional offers and plans purchases taking into account current discounts in order to save the budget.
  • Product information by scanning a code with a phone camera. A quick check of the availability and price of the goods in My Canadian Pharmacy app will save time: you do not need to enter the name of the goods manually, it is enough to bring the barcode on the package to the phone camera and wait for the application to recognize it and provide information.
  • Sending product or pharmacy reviews with photos. Instead of searching for a book of complaints and suggestions, the client shares a wish or a problem in a couple of touches to get a prompt response to an appeal or a solution to the problem. The subject of the appeal may be the level of service in a particular pharmacy, complaints about the quality of goods or possible questions regarding the operation of a pharmacy app.
  • Pharmacy map with automatic location detection for quick route planning around the city, taking into account the visit to the right pharmacy.

What does the pharmacy mobile app provide?

My Canadian Pharmacy app is a new tool of the company for attracting customers, collecting online orders and feedback. A virtual loyalty card linked to each user’s profile allows the network to accumulate and personalize a database of customers, analyze purchases and trends in customer behavior. For the marketing department, this is valuable information that allows you to build a system of relevant product recommendations based on purchase history and preferences, study feedback from network customers and continuously improve the quality of service.

Advantages of meds app purchase

Online pharmacy app, as a rule, works around the clock. This is very convenient for many people. After all, sometimes there is not enough free time to go to the pharmacy. You can buy almost any medications on the Internet. The main advantages of working with My Canadian Pharmacy App include the ability to:

  • order products without consulting a doctor;
  • order goods at any convenient time without leaving home;
  • order goods from any city in the country;
  • buy goods at attractive prices;
  • order goods without pre-payment;
  • availability of all necessary documents and certificates.

In apps, you can find anything from vitamins to medicines. They can please with a wide range and fairly low prices. This is due to the fact that online pharmacies do not have to pay for the rent of premises and pay salaries to numerous employees. In a regular pharmacy, it often happens that the prices are almost the same.