AlpVision Sets Verification App on iPhone4

AlpVision has released a new iPhone app. Its main function is to complement its Fingerprint technology. It is used for verifying components, including containers for liquids, powders and tablets.

Fingerprint functions by scanning a specific area of a product and comparing the digital image of the original product. These images are kept on a secure server.

This verification app has already been used for verification of cardboard packaging, individual tablets, and moulded containers, including plastic bottles and vials and potentially other healthcare components such as inhalers or medical devices.

After finding of a product type, for example a 500 ml bottle, and a cavity number which is visible on the product side, an overlaid shape appears on the iPhone4 screen.

The user has only to position the iPhone4 to match the overlaid shape with the item to be verified, continues the company. If the item is genuine, a beep sounds and a message appears on screen.

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