AlpVision Cooperates with Nolato Medical

A cooperation between AlpVision and Nolato Medical is a way to decrease the number of counterfeiter medications by launching fingerprinting technology to moulded parts, such as vials, containers and lids, test tubes and caps.

Under the alliance, Nolato Medical will provide customers with the opportunity to define other plastic marks like AlpVision’s proprietary Fingerprint technology. This program put a rely on scanning a specific area of a item. It also helps compare the digital image reflected by images of the branded item taken at the manufacturing time.

This software program does not require the addition of any coding or marking motif. It uses the genuine qualities of the product. AlpVision recently set up an application that allows authentication through an iPhone.

This cooperation will be capable to decrese the entrance of counterfeit pharmaceuticals into the legal supply network and better keep patient’s safety.

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