Erectile Dysfunction and Affairs – Can Stress Cause This Male Disease?

Erectile Dysfunction and Affairs - Can Stress Cause This Male DiseaseCan stress affect potency and erection? How to restore a man’s sexual desire after stress? Regular overexertion, immersion in stressful situations can seriously undermine men’s health. A decrease in potency can be caused by stress faced by representatives of the stronger sex. What to do if potency has disappeared after stress? How to restore libido, raise sexual desire?

Erectile dysfunction and affairs – how does stress affect potency?

The effect of stress on male potency is certainly negative. The centers of the nervous system that are responsible for sexual arousal are extremely susceptible to any kind of emotional impact. Stress is an unpleasant mental state into which the body is immersed, since there is an impact from a certain stimulus.

Sources of stress can be interpersonal conflicts, quarrels, failures in bed, accidental events in the form of an accident or illness, problems of a material nature, instability of the life situation, difficulties at work or in personal life, inadequate expectations towards oneself against the background of unrealistic cultural models.

Stress affects every man in different ways. Some come out of the emotional pit with minimal losses, while others face various psychosomatic disorders. As a result, males may face a weak erection, inability to reach orgasm, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, impotence.

What problems may be faced due to constant stress?

With long-lasting stress, an increased concentration of prolactin is observed in the body. The latter is not so easy to get rid of. Its overabundance leads to serious violations in the functional of erectile function. Therefore, problems with potency and erection can accompany a man for several years after a traumatic event.

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Problems with potency and erection are often caused by undesirable situations that men face in bed. For example, it may be due to premature ejaculation during sex. The mechanism of fear of the next possible failure generates a decrease in libido, difficulties with sexual excitement. As a result, it becomes more difficult for males to tune in to sex.

However, we will not limit ourselves to psychosexual experiences only. Problems with potency can be the result of prolonged exhaustion, emotional stress that has arisen in a relationship with a partner, psychological violence in the form of mobbing.

Prolonged presence of the body in a stressful situation leads to depression. As a result, there is indifference to various stimuli, including sexual ones. Depression creates a lot of problems, as the body’s ability to perceive tactile, visual, olfactory and other signals deteriorates. Neuroses prevent psychosocial contact with people, cause psychosomatic reactions, including problems with libido.

How to restore potency after stress?

There are different ways to increase potency after stress. Naturally, the greatest effect can be obtained with an integrated approach. Pharmacological treatment consists in the use of phosphodiesterase inhibitors of the 5th type. The level of effectiveness of sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil is at least 80%. Medications with these active substances have a rapid effect on the man’s body, but side reactions are possible.

A more gentle effect is provided by drugs to increase potency on an organic basis. Their formula contains extracts of natural aphrodisiacs, so the risks of encountering side effects are significantly reduced. In rare cases, allergic reactions are possible if there is an individual intolerance of the body.

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In the field of cognitive behavioral psychology, psychotherapeutic treatment should be carried out. It is important to identify the traumatic factor, after which a behavior model is developed to overcome the problem.

The treatment of diseases that have led to problems with potency is an important point. However, the use of antidepressants to combat depression reduces a man’s sexual desire. Therefore, this should be taken into account when treating major ailments.

How to restore potency after stress? Do not forget to saturate your body with hormones of happiness. Endorphins are released in large quantities when we experience pleasure. Do what you love, start going to the gym, go out for morning runs, take a walk in the park. Keep your diet, do not abuse alcohol, and, of course, avoid stressful situations, do not take everything to heart.