Erectile Dysfunction Details

Ьen over the age of 40 often suffers from disorders in their sexual lives. In medicine, there is a definition of this type of disorder – erectile dysfunction. This term refers to an inability to achieve or maintain a sufficient erection during sexual intercourse.


Erectile dysfunction is divided into two main types:

  1. Primary ED – occurs from early childhood, the causes often serve as disruption of nerve endings performance, congenital development anomalies;
  2. Secondary ED – appears with age and is often caused by chronic diseases.Common Info about ED


Very often, erectile dysfunction causes can be psychogenic factors that are associated with personal emotional state. Therefore, under conditions of stress and depression, violations in sexual life may appear.

However, organic causes lead to erectile dysfunction such:

In men over the age of 40, one of the erectile dysfunction causes is a disease of the vascular system. The main representative of such diseases can be called atherosclerosis. Associated with its development a violation of lipid metabolism (increased cholesterol), violation of vessels wall (varicose veins of the male sexual organ) are observed.

There is also a theory that connects atherosclerosis development with autoimmune diseases (systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis). The passage of genital organs vessels is very important in normal erection development so that atherosclerosis is also attributed to factors that increase the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Another erectile dysfunction cause can be disorders of a hormonal level. Most often a violation of sex hormone formation – testosterone include, which affects the male sexual life.

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The cause of such deficiency is:

  • endocrine diseases;
  • testicular lesions with a violation of their function;
  • age-related changes in hormone production.


To date, medicine is able to correct disorders of the male genital area in men. But in order to correctly carry out treatment, it is necessary to identify the true erectile dysfunction cause. For this, different examinations are carried out.

The main ones are:

  • measurement of blood pressure;
  • electrocardiogram recording;
  • determining blood cholesterol level;
  • control of blood and urine glucose levels;
  • determination of the level of sex hormones in blood serum.

Methods of Treatment

In case of revealing erectile dysfunction causes, one of the methods of erectile dysfunction treatment is applied. Most often this is a conservative treatment, which includes taking medications and performing certain procedures. If the cause of erectile dysfunction is a violation of sex hormones production, it is prescribed substitution therapy with hormone preparations. Lesions can be associated with a violation of state and function of genitalia vasculature, then thrombolytic therapy is performed, and if such methods are not effective, surgical treatment of this disease can be used.

In cases related to the psychoemotional sphere of a person, antidepressants, consultations of narrow specialists (a doctor-sexologist), alternative methods of treatment, such as hypnosis, may be included in doctor’s recommendation.

Proper Nutrition in Case of Erectile Dysfunction

An important role in maintaining health in principle and men’s health, in particular, is played by a full and proper diet. In its composition, it should be included products with aphrodisiacs – substances that enhance sexual desire.

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They are mostly:

  • bananas;
  • avocados;
  • celery;
  • eggs.

In addition to aphrodisiacs to maintain male health, the body needs vitamins and trace elements. Seafood is famous for its rich composition of substances that increase hormonal activity in men. Thus, properly selected dishes for dinner can be an easy prelude to a romantic night.


In medication, the factors that cause impotence include such harmful habits as alcohol abuse and smoking. Nowadays, there are many methods to get rid of such an unpleasant attraction, for example, drugs and hypnosis. A good physical form is the guarantee of men’s health and long sexual life. Therefore, it is worth devoting 30 minutes from your day warm-up or jogging.